There is 1 decrementy

H0 (10)=10

How to play | Discord | Game autosaves every ten seconds

This work is licensed under the MIT License

Your highest Ordinal was w [WIP]

You have Infinitied 100 times [WIP]

Your last Infinity was 1 second ago [WIP]

You have done 1 Factor Shift [WIP]

Your last Factor Shift was 1 second ago [WIP]

You have played for 3 days and 5 hours [WIP]

The Tower of Infinity: a tale told throughout the lands,
Yet over hundreds of years, undefeated it still stands.
The reward at the end is infinite power,
For the one who is able to ascend this tower.

However climbing the tower had a twist,
Soon seen by any who entered its mist;
The stairs on each floor were far too small,
And the amount of layers ever so tall.

However, this started to end on a fateful day,
When there was a visitor who would come to stay.
They started climbing and reached the second floor,
Only to find the exact same climb once more.

  1. Reach the number 20
  2. Perform an Infinity
  3. Perform a Factor Shift
  4. Buy a Factor
  5. Reach Base 4
  6. Get your ordinal to ω^ω^ω
  7. Perform a Factor Boost
  8. Buy 3 Booster Upgrades
  9. Unlock Challenges
  10. Complete a Challenge
  11. Unlock Incrementy
  12. Extend Incrementy
  13. Get four Extended Incrementy Upgrades
  14. Unlock the next layer
  15. Obtain one of each Aleph
  16. Unlock Darkness
  17. Complete all of the sluggish milestones
  18. Unlock the Singularity
  19. Reach Level 20 Singularity
You have 100 Ordinal Points

Tier 1 Automation

You have 0 successor autobuyers

You have 0 maximize autobuyers

  • Factor 1: x2
  • Factor 2: x2
  • Factor 3: x2
  • Factor 4: x2
  • Factor 5: x2
  • Factor 6: x2
  • Factor 7: x2
  • Factor 8: x2
Your factors are multiplying your autoclickers by 1

You have no factors. Perform a Factor Shift to get one!

Factor Shift (0): Requires 200 OP

When you Factor Shift, you gain a new factor and the base decreases by 1

Factor Boost (0): Requires g10 (10) OP

You are getting a total of 30 Factor Boosts per second (assuming it's not limited by computational speed)


You are currently bulking in a set of 0

32d 15h 48m 9s

Your Dynamic Multiplier is x529.001

It is increasing by 0.002 per second

It is also decreasing by 10.000 per second

Dynamic Factors reset on Infinities

Your Decrementy is multiplying by per second

Unmultiplied Pending OP speeds up decrementy by x^0.2

You have 0 Dark Manifolds, translating to a 1x multiplier to Dynamic Factor Cap only

The World is upon for a crude awakening

Upon reaching ω^(ω3) in Challenge 8, the Dark Awakening gets invoked

When this happens, Decrementy increases very rapidly, the "Halve Decrementy Growth"

upgrade becomes "Double Decrementy Growth," and other Decrementy Upgrades may apply.

You have 1 Boosters

You may have to rotate your phone on mobile to see all of the upgrades. The right column of upgrades doesn't consume your boosters.

Tier 2 Automation

Your Max All Autobuyer is clicking the Max All button 1 times per second

Your Infinity Autobuyer is clicking the Infinity button 1 times per second

Challenges can be completed up to 3 times, each one giving a bigger reward.

Your 0 challenge completions have multiplied Tier 1 and 2 by x

You're currently in Challenge 1.

You have 0 incrementy, multiplying Tier 2 by 1x

You are getting 0 incrementy per second, but they reset on Factor Boosts and similar

You start gaining Incrementy when you reach e0, but it caps at 1.000e25 Incrementy

You have 0 manifolds, translating to a 1x multiplier to Dynamic Factor output and cap

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You have 1 cardinal

Next Cardinal in 3 Factor Boosts (5.896s in collapse)

You have 1 ℵ0


You have 100 ℵ0 Power (+1/s)

Translated to a


multiplier to Tier 1 automation
You have 1 ℵ1


You have 100 ℵ1 Power (+1/s)

Translated to a


multiplier to Tier 2 automation
You have 1 ℵ2


You have 100 ℵ2 Power (+1/s)

Translated to a


multiplier to OP gain

Cardinals are based on the amount of Factor Boost and the time, where a faster collapse yields more cardinals. Time is capped between 1,000 seconds and 100,000 seconds.
Cardinals don't decay when offline time is disabled. Cardinals don't decay at hard, but getting more is harder the longer the collapse is, until you reach 100,000 seconds. You can change offline time in Options. The formula for cardinals past 100,000 seconds is sqrt(Factor Boosts-24), and you should thank me for removing cardinal decay, since it is such a trash mechanic

Sluggish Milestones

Complete the collapse in the required amount of Factor Boosts or less to recieve a prize!
Each prize also starts you with an extra Booster

∞ Boosts

You gain 1% of OP gained per second if your OP is less than your pending OP

20 Boosts

Challenges 1-7 without completions give a reduced boost (x^0.25)

15 Boosts

Gain 15 OP per second, Infinity requirement is now 100, and you can bulk complete challenges

12 Boosts

Unlock Tier 3 automation, the 4 booster upgrade is improved

10 Boosts

Unlock Distribute All and upgrades for Tier 3 automation

1 Boost

You keep all Incrementy Upgrades, Dark Upgrades, Manifolds, and Dark Manifolds on collapse, unlock an Autobuyer for Booster Upgrades, you can autocomplete Challenges, unlock an Autoprestiger for Collapse, you get a free Maximize Autobuyer and you always have a Max All Autobuyer, you can complete Challenge 8 multiple times, reduce the Infinity requirement to 10, Auto-Infinity activates if you're not making autoclicks from Tier 1, and extend the Booster upgrades

You have 1 ℵω

You may have to rotate your phone on mobile to see all of the upgrades. Why does this text even exist?

Tier 3 Automation (Works Offline)

Your Factor Shift Autoprestiger is Factor Shifting 1 time per second

Your Factor Boost Autoprestiger is Factor Boosting 1 time per second

Tier 3 Automation Upgrades

You have 10 ℵω

Booster Upgrades


Amount of challenges to complete (non-challenge 8):

Amount of challenges to complete (challenge 8):

Collapsing (Doesn't work offline)

Time to wait until collapse in seconds:

You have 25 Dark Manifolds, 2 Manifolds, and 1.000e20 ℵω

Singularity Level: 1

Translated to a x51 multiplier to Factor Boosts and a raise of cap to psi(w^w^w)

You are currently getting 1000 Factor Boosts per second

Reach level 20 Singularity in order to unlock!
This feature isn't implemented yet though